Go Higher: From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence

Learn the exact steps to unlock your confidence in business, life, and love

As a member of the LGBTQ+ family, I understand the frustration that comes from doubting yourself because the world has expectations that you don't fulfill.

Join me in this free 90-minute masterclass tailored for the our beautiful community. Whether you're looking to assert yourself on the street or in the office, spark passion in the bedroom, or achieve peak physical health, this masterclass is your gateway to fast AND lasting change. 

Rapid Transformation: Equip yourself with actionable strategies for immediate and lasting change, without the need for talk therapy.
Holistic Empowerment: Gain insights into boosting confidence across all facets of life - career, health, or relationships.
Expert Guidance: Shortcut your success as I share the exact tools and techniques that have helped me to overcome my own challenges.

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In this LIVE and FREE masterclass, you'll learn practical and fast-acting tools and techniques that are time-tested and proven like:

Top 5 habits of Confident People

Discover the exact same principals that the most successful, confident and world-changing people use on a daily basis.

How to step into your confidence  at any time

Learn the science-backed, simple ways to tap into your bodies systems so you can rewrite your habits at any moment 

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

You'll learn what Imposter Syndrome truly is, where it comes from, and the 3 top ways to combat it on a daily basis.

About Theo Bill

Theo Bill is a coach, author, and trainer who has built million-dollar businesses, spoken to thousands, and is a recovering expert of the "not good enough" club. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours learning the tools and techniques he will share with you. 

His journey through pain has taught him that your power comes from your problems. His goal is to help alleviate the suffering that exists in much of the LGBTQ+ community. "Pain is a fact of life, but suffering can be a choice". 

Many of us make choices that are from habits, not choice. It is through guiding his clients with the tools of mindset, empowerment, and emotional mastery as well as his personal history and intuition that he is able to work to end that suffering and let his clients make a more powerful choice in their lives. One that inspires them.

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