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I wonder if you’ve ever had a moment when time stopped, like your heart quit beating and the breath was sucked out of your lungs?

I had that moment two times in my life.  Once when I was 6 years old in my grandmother’s lap reading a children’s book and another time many years later…  

At a very young age, I learned the power of how the meaning we attach to a word can affect our life. 

At just 6 years old, my grandmother asked me “you’re not gay, are you?” 

I don’t think she really thought about it, and she wasn’t trying to traumatize me.  But that is what ended up happening.  She taught me about science, health, cooking and so many other wonderful things. My loving, adoring, and caring grandmother probably had one of the biggest impacts on my life in that moment.  

But without knowing it, she also taught me to question myself.  To (for years) feel “not good enough”.

For the next 30+ years, I struggled with issues of self-worth, body-dysmorphia, and (oh SO MANY) limiting beliefs. It wasn’t until at age 35, that I reached my trifecta rock bottom (divorce, bankruptcy, and 40 lbs overweight).  

I had that same feeling again.  Like the world stopped…and I wanted to get off.  

But I stayed, and eventually I started to climb out of the pit of despair which had become my reality.

Since then, I’ve searched, studied, and spoken to anyone who I thought might be able to help me understand why I felt the way I did, and how I could STOP feeling that way. 

Prior to that, I had seen a therapist for years to little or no effect.  I had probably spent $100,000 on therapy over the years with very little tangible benefit.  

But then I started to wake up to a new reality….that we all have the power to renovate not only the physical world around us, but our internal world as well.  In essence, we get to renovate our reality.  

My journey though the pain has taught me that your power comes from your problems.  That you get to create whatever you choose to – and we all do, even if we aren’t aware we’re doing it.  

We often live in a repeating pattern we learned in our childhood to protect ourselves from the pain, trauma, and hurt of the world.  

Very few of us think and act.  Most of us repeat and react.  We do this because we are trained into patterns that keep us safe.  

When we discover how those patterns are created, the effect they have on our lives, and the reason we keep going back to them that we begin to unravel how to change the patterns.  

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